Regulations of the International Morgan Rally 2021

Regulations of the International Morgan Rally 2021


a) These regulations apply to all participants (hereinafter referred to as “Participants”) of the International Morgan Meeting 2021, hereinafter referred to as MZM2021
b) Purchase of a ticket for MZM2021 means acceptance of the following regulations.
c) Each person staying in the area of MZM2021 is obliged to comply with the provisions of these Regulations.


1. The purpose of the event is to promote the culture of Morgan cars among the MZM2021 participants.


1. The organizer of the MZM2021 is FUNDACJA CABRIO POLAND with headquarters at June 28 1956 Street No. 406 room 2.28 in Poznań (hereinafter referred to as “Organizer”).


1. MZM2021 takes place from 27-30.05.2021.


1. To become an MZM2021 participant you must have a ticket for the International Morgan Rally.
2. MZM2021 is closed, which means that only Morgan cars can enter TERRAIN.
3. Each of the MZM2021 participants, including visitors to the MZM2021 site, agrees to publish his image on social networks, the Internet, online and print media, TV, etc.
4. It is not allowed to bring leaflets, flags, or other advertising materials to the MZM2021 without the organizer’s consent. Each violation of this provision will immediately remove all advertising tools from the event area, report the violation to law enforcement authorities, and take legal steps to compensate for the losses suffered by the organizer. The organizers reserve the right to call security services in this situation.


1. Failure to comply with the Regulations will result in a warning, and in the event of a repetition of the situation, expulsion from the area of MZM2021 without the right to reimbursement of costs incurred. In the event of events threatening the health and life of participants and bystanders, the organizers reserve the right to call on security services.
2. Participants should be extremely cautious about the presence of motor vehicles on MZM2021. The organizers are not responsible for any injuries that participants may have suffered during the MZM2021. All event participants must comply with applicable fire, order, and safety regulations.
3. All MZM2021 participants are obliged to strictly comply with the instructions issued by the MZM2021 Organizer or law enforcement.
4. Each participant is obliged to maintain cleanliness in the place of stay. Food waste, packaging should be thrown into special containers.
5. It is prohibited under the consequences set out in point 1. of these Regulations to violate the physical integrity of other participants of MZM2021, as well as bystanders, as well as the devastation of movable and immovable property, as well as the environment (drift on grass, streets, etc.) in the natural place of MZM2021.
6. There is a speed limit of 5 km / h on the MZM2021 site. Special caution and absolute prohibition of dangerous maneuvers, “burning rubber”, “turning engines to sections”, etc. are strictly prohibited.
7. In the area of MZM2021 it is forbidden to play loud music from the car. The musical climate will be provided by artists and a DJ.|
8. Any attempt to start a motor vehicle by a person under the influence of alcohol will result in an immediate key collection until sobering up or in the event of refusal to hand the keys, call the Police. This applies to situations when a drunk person would cause a real threat to the health and life of other participants of MZM2021 by starting the car.
9. The organizer of MZM2021 may refuse entry to the rally area and persons staying there:
a) under the visible influence of alcohol, narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs or other similar agents.
b) possessing weapons or other dangerous objects, materials, products, beverages, products or substances.
c) behaving aggressively, provocatively, or in another way posing a threat to the safety or order of the event.
d) which do not comply with the MZM2021 regulations.

Who brings or possesses weapons, other dangerous objects, explosives, pyrotechnic articles or fire hazardous materials at the Event, shall be subject to the arrest or the penalty of restriction of liberty.

10. The organizers of MZM2021 are not responsible for any items left on the site.

11. It is forbidden to conduct any commercial or other gainful activity in the area of MZM2021 without the Organizer’s authorization.

12. Minors participating in the event under the sole responsibility of the persons who supervise them.


1. The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the event for unforeseen reasons.
2. The provisions of the Road Traffic Code apply to MZM2021 and the adjacent area.
3. All matters not covered by these regulations are subject to interpretation by the Organizer MZM2021.
4. Technical devices located in the area may be operated only by authorized persons. Access to these devices is not allowed.
5. The Organizer shall not be liable for any damage to persons or objects arising during MZM2021.
6. The person who caused them is responsible for all damages caused during MZM2021.
7.In the event of the participant’s resignation from participation in MZM2021 up to 60 days before the event, the Organizer will refund the participant 30% of the amount paid.
8. In the event of cancellation 59 days before the event, the Organizer will not refund the payment for the purchased ticket. The Organizer is responsible for interpreting the provisions of the regulations.

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